production service Thailand

One stop production service from The Studio Park

The studio park is a video production company which in turn provides one stop production service in Thailand. This works across the board with flexibility for all our clients. Entire list of service can be employed in various configurations and they will work with the best production service. As a bundle of Production Company, their team is talented and they have best experience in the field of film, series, drama, TVC and event production. Rather than film studio, they also offer following services

  • Co-production services – When you schedule a production in another country, you will be left with heavy burden. With Studio Park, it is easy and simpler in Thailand.production service Thailand
  • Production management or support – To run a day to day activity, they make the handy service with their expertise.
  • Studios and Equipment Rental – Their every studios and sound stages are available for rental with easy access.
  • Insurance, Banking and Legal Advice – There are many planning services that can assist you with all the factors to access guidance and work permit issues.
  • Cast and Crew Hire and Vendor Relationships – All the staffs hired are well connecting with all local vendors.

When you choose one stop production service Thailand, you can work without pressure and get all the production process success without any flaws. Every production service will expect this one stop production service when they are from another country and they have to process their work without struggle and any legal issues. Get in touch with The Studio Park and you can have smooth processing.