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Oysters to keep you healthy and wealthy

The taste of oysters stunned you if you eat them once. They look like gems in a shell with some chewy texture along with a bit of salty and fish flavor.

Also, fresh oysters singapore loaded with numerous nutritional power along with super taste. They can be a perfect snack to enjoy with your friends and family. You can order them online or from any nearby seafood market easily.

Try them with your meal or without meal just like snacks, you just need to know about their health benefits, and these are as follow:

  • Contain superpower of nutrition: Eating oysters improve our overall well beings as they contain a high amount of iron, zinc, vitamin-12, and selenium. If you are conscious about your health add them to your diet to get balanced nutrition.
  • Low in calories: As they are low in calories naturally, you should definitely add them to your diet plans if you are on diet and losing weight. They can help you up to some extent.
  • Low fat found in oysters: If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels, you can go for having oysters. They are known to low in fat and helps in maintaining the proper balance in cholesterol level.
  • Contain omega-3 fatty acid: It contains omega-3 fatty acid that helps in better function of brain and development. It also helps in reducing inflammation in your body and prevents all many life-threatening diseases.
  • Environment friendly: The oyster market is known to the best market as they are environment friendly and keeps their locality clean and hygenic. You could not find any infectious diseases or any other illness near this market due to the cleanliness around the area.

Now, you can give it a try to have some fresh oysterssingapore in your dinner to enjoy the pleasing along with all the above benefits.

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Try delicious Thai soup in Singapore

Are you looking for halal Thai dishes in Singapore? Then you have visited the correct place for that. Sticky rice is one of the best places to have some Thai food. The restaurant is in Bugis, and it is the place where you will get different types of dishes. Thai cuisine is one of the most preferred cuisines by many people. Sticky rice provides vegetarian dishes as well or, if you want to check their Thai menu you can visit the site. There they have mentioned the full menu offered by them to the customers. They have also mentioned one option for ordering food online. You will experience a mouth-watering menu offered by them and some famous Thai dishes at their restaurant. They also provide halal thai soup delivery singapore services to their customers. So if you feel tired you can choose the online ordering option. They provide vegan-friendly Thai dishes as well but on special request by the customers.

What is their secret for providing delicious Thai food?

The city may have multiple Thai lovers but some of them offer more exciting and sought-after dishes to Thai lovers. But what you think why sticky rice is unique from all of them? It’s simply their commitment to their customers to provide authenticity and affordability that is the major reason why people prefer their restaurant more.

When a Thai lover is getting delicious food at low prices or affordable prices then it is the best thing. And for this factor, they never comprise the quality.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee Makers: High-Quality Aroma and taste

Coffee surely has the nice taste as ever but if one is looking for the highest quality of taste and aroma one should order in some shop that has a coffee maker on their own. A fine taste coffee can only be produced by a fine top machine. Brewed completely no dust of coffee beans will be left plus the aroma is more soothing and complete. This coffee made by such machines is pure and natural and it is more refreshing than the handmade coffee there is in one’s home. If one is interested to have their coffee maker and to taste this luxurious taste and flavor every day one can get information at This includes so many reviews, top machines on the list, and also coffee delicacies and pots. A perfect site to get some tips if one wants to have a paradise of good coffee in their own home and workplace.

The benefits of the coffee maker at home

Drinking Coffee

No more tasting the same flavor over and over again every morning. Installing a coffee machine at home would be the greatest idea since one can taste different and natural flavor every waking time in the morning. The best for that is, one can serve it to every visitor in the house. Sit and relax on a soft couch and dip that hot tea produced by the top coffee maker in the area. No more hassle too since it is very convenient to produce the flavor one wants and it is very easy to use.

A coffee maker at work

The worst part of a workplace is feeling tired and drained, some workmates do go outside to order some high-quality coffee and take a sip to feel relaxed. For one to focus on its work while having this luxurious coffee is to have a coffee maker at the workplace. No need to go outside and buy if one can just produce it by the use of these good machines. It is also good to have one since one can have unlimited coffee all day and night. No more feeling stress since with just one tap on these coffee machines one can replenish the cup and also one’s energy to work.

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Birthday cake – things to be noted

As we all know, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about a birthday party is the birthday cake. It can also be said that it is quite impossible to imagine a birthday party without a cake. Even though these are just cakes, it means a lot for making the party more special. Here are some of the important things which are to be noted while ordering the birthday cake.


best cake singapore

Obviously the birthday cakes are available in many interesting flavors. One must make sure to choose the one according to the interest of the person who is about to celebrate their birthday. This is because they should not be disappointed by ordering the flavor in which they are not interested in. Hence their interest should be known before placing the order.


It is to be noted that the ingredients used for the cakes will get varied from one another. In case, if the person is allergic to any kind of ingredients, one must order for the cake accordingly. For example, there are some people who are allergic to groundnut. In such case, the cakes which are made involving groundnuts should be avoided. Likewise one must check out the ingredients and must choose the most suitable cake for their beloved ones.


Today many people are highly interested in ordering customized birthday cakes online. In such case, it is highly important to order them in advance. And on the other side it is also to be noted that the cake should get delivered on time without any delay.



Eating cheap in Singapore is not at all a daydreaming. Although it is one of the most exclusive cities to live in, you will not have to worry about feeding yourself. As in any corner of Asia, you can eat for very little including dinner Robertson Quay! In this post, we present 2 restaurants where you can eat cheap in Singapore. Let’s check them out to add more fun in a trip to Singapore.



1. Ah Bong’s Italian

Whenever you travel, wherever you go, put an Italian dish in your itinerary. In general, if you dissociate yourself from Asian food, eating in Singapore will seem a bit expensive, as well as difficult. Do not expect a nice or well-decorated place. It is a simple place where they serve some pasta dishes with good value for money. It is located in central, very close to Bugis. For you to have a price reference, some Mac ‘n’ Cheese will cost you around € 5. Without a doubt, a good option where you can give your taste buds a boost.

2. Portico Dishes

If we continue betting on non-Asian food, we find a Spanish restaurant. There you can eat decent tapas of bravas, croquettes or ham at a more than reasonable price. However, the place is known for its paella. Although you may find it unusual in compared to your city, it’s fine. Regarding the price, you can eat for just over $ 10 per person.

food in singapores cbd

Deals and Discounts on Singaporen Food online

Planning for a chilled out evening with your loved ones? But too tired to go out? Do not worry, there are tons. Your dine with your favorite dish. Have you ever considered having dinner outdoors from your favorite restaurants or getting discount bargains? It has become a fairly simple. There are umpteen number of sites in Singapore that brings you food purchase services across Singapore together with the discounts. Some of the sites are more and FoodPanda, Dominos Tastykhana.

food in singapores cbdSpecial deals and discounts on dining:

Mentioned some sites are tied up across the big cities such as Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore and more with over 6000 restaurants. The only thing you want to go to any of the aforementioned websites and select your town, your favorite food in singapores cbd restaurant and then choose the yummy food from the online menu – it is all done in a very simple procedure.

Did we miss something to explain? It is all about discounts. The majority of the restaurants give coupon codes and discounts on the mouth. You may use the discounts and coupon codes to get your dish at reasonable price.

How to get Coupon codes, vouchers and deals?

There are plenty of sites for you to offer deals and the working coupon codes . They can be used by you when you purchase food through internet. You will be able to save money at restaurants such as McDonald’s, Eat some, Faasos Hut Subway, Dominos, Papa John’s and more by employing these dining deals. Pay attention to the landing page of top restaurants or different deals supplying websites to find the promo codes and magnificent deals if you need to order meals online. You can get discounts on dishes such as Gujarati Mughlai Singaporen, South Singaporen, Pizzas, Italian and many more.