Picogenius and traditional laser treatments

Difference between Picogenius and traditional laser treatments.

Laser treatments are becoming more and more common and many people are opting it for age reversal and getting a healthy and younger looking skin. But there are several side effects too of traditional laser treatments and so advanced treatments such as picogenius should be considered. Here are some major differences to consider between pico genius of oasis homme and other traditional laser treatments.

Differences between picogenius and laser treatments:

Picogenius and traditional laser treatments

  1. Picogenius makes use of a powerful and fast energy that finely smashes the pigment tissues to create body excretions and shorten the process time from 8 times to just 2-3 times. Also side effects are greatly reduced and the treatment is more efficient.
  2. This laser treatment is efficient to whiten as well as remove spots and undesirable pigmentation on the sin and improves the brightness of the skin.
  3. Picogenius picosecond treatment is a skin-care process rather than treatment and it gives a cosmetic effect to the skin in less time and is more safe.
  4. It makes use of less energy and reduces the damage to tissues surrounding the area on which treatment is done.

As mentioned above in the brief introduction about Picogenious, it is an efficient and better spotting treatment as compared to traditional laser treatments. Oasis homme has also introduced treatments such as Picoway and Picosure for laser skin rejuvenation. It can help in wrinkle removal, tattoo removal and acne removal too. It is an advanced facial treatment which has proven results.