Buying Weed Seeds Online – Is It Legal?

Purchase of the cannabis seeds as the collector’s item and for other purposes besides growing weed is considered legal. But, legality of the cannabis seeds or weed seeds is quite confusing. Most of the countries tolerate its use, cultivation and possession of the small weed quantities, but some countries have the total ban whereas many countries are legalizing weeds and working on it. But, cannabis seeds are the separate story in today’s discussion.

Are weed seeds legal?

Strictly seen, the cannabis seed isn’t a weed or a drug. This seed does not have any narcotic components thus you will not get stoned and high from its use. What it makes very complicated is you may grow the weed plant from the cannabis seed.

Technically weed seeds are totally legal in most of the member countries. However, it is totally legal to purchase cannabis seeds providing they aren’t germinated and public prosecutor cannot prove you plan to grow cannabis. Most of countries thus do not see seeds as totally illegal but not as legal. This seed itself is allowed, but germination of seed is not always. Plenty of ambiguity.

Legality of the cannabis seeds

In many countries it is totally legal to buy & sell the small quantities of weed seeds (on internet). But, bulk selling of seeds is not allowed. Particularly because selling in bulk is considered as the encouragement for the high-scale breeding. Simultaneously, it stays unclear where to draw a line between the small and the large scale quantities. Most of seed banks thus sell seeds in the small quantities.