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Guide to choosing between the different types of padlocks

A vital element important for the security and tranquility is the padlock since it keeps your most precious belongings safe, this device is essential to secure your assets.Here you will be able to know everything you need to know about a lock, its parts. Click here for lockers singapore.

What is a padlock?

It is a security device, its main function is to protect everything that we consider important and valuable, for example there are many cases where a lock cannot be placed in that situation it is recommended that this element called padlock can be used. Visit this site for lockers singapore.

It has been seen that, in general, padlocks on chain doors, suitcases, among other similar places, usually each one has a key, but over time there are padlocks that have a coding, which can be in numbers or letters.

What are the parts of a padlock?

The padlock is composed of 3 vitally important parts that do not change despite the fact that in various parts of the world there are a variety of padlocks that come in different models, presentations, brands.


The part of the arch is a very important piece since its shape depends on the presentation or the model of the padlock, it is also known by the name of stem.

Locking mechanism

This second part is also very basic since it is where the smaller pieces such as the plate, the piston, the key rotor and the spring are joined.

The body of the padlock

The third part is where the entire locking mechanism of the hand with the shackle works itself.