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What must be submitted for the instant loan?

The requested documents may vary depending on the bank, loan amount and, if applicable, intended use.  So that you can get your so same day loans paid off as quickly as possible, it is best to have the following documents ready:

  • Proof of income for the last three months (salary, other income)
  • Documents about your costs (bank statements from the last few months)
  • A truthfully completed self-assessment from the bank
  • Identification document (identity card, passport)
  • If applicable, evidence of collateral and / or the second borrower
  • For self-employed tax assessments and a BWA (business evaluation)

 Make sure that all of the requested documents are received in full (and signed if necessary) at the bank.  Otherwise, the payment of the loan amount may be delayed.

 If the submitted documents contradict the statements made previously, it can happen that your creditworthiness is insufficient.  Then get instant loans online application will be rejected afterwards.  Therefore, please make truthful statements right from the start.  If necessary, you can contact the relevant bank again.  You may then reduce the loan amount, extend the term or add a second borrower as security.  Additional collateral also reduces the bank’s risk of default and thus possibly also the interest costs.

This is how the required documents come to your bank

The alternative route is the post

 However, some banks still have to send the necessary documents by post.  To do this, please send the requested documents to the relevant bank by post.  You can find the address after selecting your preferred bank in the instant loan comparison.  Since the post itself takes time, the loan disbursement may be delayed a little.