What is OEM? Find out here

Open Electricity Market or OEM is one kind of initiative by Energy Market Authority that allows you enjoy more flexibility and choices when you are buying electricity. You may benefit from the competitive pricing & innovative offers from the open electricity market retailers Singapore.

With an Open Electricity Market, one has the option of buying the electricity from:

  • The electricity retailer at price policy that meets your requirements;
  • Wholesale electricity market in wholesale electricity rates
  • Get regulated tariff (and no action needed if you select this option);

5 Important Facts About Open Electricity Market

  1. There’s not any deadline of switching. You can take your own time and learn about the options before you decide to switch.
  2. It isn’t compulsory to switch to any retailer. You may continue to get electricity from the regulated tariff.
  3. Suppose you’re eligible for the U-Save rebates, still you can use this to offset the electricity bill after you switch to the retailer.
  4. Switching is easy. The retailer can work straight with the retailer to make this switch for you.
  5. Irrespective of who you purchase the electricity from, electricity supply may stay the same. It is because the retailer may continue to operate national power grid & deliver electricity to everybody.

You will have to avoid those having lots of complaints regarding their service. You have to save but definitely you do not wish to add other problem in your life. Never suffer further with the high electricity rates or switch the electricity providers.