What Are The Best Tools For Managing Your Instagram Account?

Instagram is an app made specifically for capturing your everyday life. Whether it’s eating breakfast, going to the beach, or making dinner, Instagram allows you to take a digital picture and share it with your friends and followers in just a few seconds. As such, Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, and many people have a second account solely dedicated to posting the best moments of their lives. Here are the best tools to make your Instagram account look professional and get more followers.

Business Cards

Instagram uses business cards to get new customers. When a person views your profile, they will see the name of your company along with your Instagram logo. This is a great way to let people know that you’re a serious business, and you could use it to help your promotion. Business cards can also be used to provide your customers with contact information in the case they ever have any questions.

Postcard Template

You can create postcards on Instagram directly from your phone or your computer, but it is recommended using a printable postcard template. This way, you can make your postcards very quickly and print them out at home.

Instagram Photo Album


You can create a photo album on Instagram, and this allows you to group multiple photos into one image. Then, you can send this image to anyone that you want people to see it. If you have different pictures of the same thing, like a bunch of pictures from a wedding or a party, consider creating an Instagram photo album with all of them. You can enhance this through buying more followers from Goread.io.

Instagram Map

You can add your location directly to the photo that you’re shooting with the use of an Instagram map. This means that other people who are viewing your Instagram pictures will see where you were at when you were taking the picture. You can make it very subtle so that only particular people see your address, but others can still see it easily because they’ll just click on a pin on their own map and see where you were.

Instagram Timeline

This is an option that allows you to edit pictures in chronological order. For example, if you’re going to take pictures in a certain order, you can create an Instagram timeline for the pictures and have them appear in the order that you choose.

Instagram Ads

You can also use promoted posts on Instagram, also known as Instagram ads. This will allow you to pay other people to like your photos and follow your account. If you’ve ever run any paid advertising on Facebook or Twitter, this is essentially the same thing except that it’s with a different platform.