Smoking Weed

Weed Consumption Methods that You Need to Know

Do you think the only way to consume marijuana is by smoking it? Think again. There are a multitude of weed consumption methods. Some people say ingesting marijuana allows them to experience the fullest potential of sativa strains, for example, but others may find that smoking offers more immediate relief from pain and nausea.


Smoking is by far the most commonly used method for consuming cannabis. Marijuana cigarettes, known as joints, can be rolled with tobacco or without and can be hand-rolled or machine-rolled. Joints are often used to quickly achieve a mild psychoactive effect while minimizing the amount of material necessary to achieve it.

Adding to food

Adding cannabis to food is considered a good way to minimize the harshness of some weed strains, especially those with a high THC content. Marijuana butter, or cannabutter, can be stirred into and baked into brownies and cookies.


Medical marijuana can be consumed by dissolving it in alcohol or glycerin and ingesting with a dropper or orally with a syringe. This method may provide a more potent effect than some of the alternatives, but an immediate effect is not always as ideal for medical purposes as for recreational use.


Vaporization is the process of heating marijuana to a temperature just short of the point of combustion. At this temperature, the active cannabinoids contained within can be released by a vaporizer and inhaled. Vaporizers are commonly made from glass or metal, and use low-temperature heat to allow a person to inhale marijuana efficiently without irritating the lungs or throat.

Smoking Weed


Edibles are food products that contain cannabis as an ingredient. Candy bars, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods are common forms of edibles. The effects from edibles take longer to kick in than smoking does and can be significantly more potent.


Topical creams and lotions can be used to treat localized pain and inflammation. These are often made with cannabis-infused coconut oil or other ingredients that help deliver the cannabinoids directly to the site where they are needed.


Tinctures use alcohol or glycerin to extract the cannabinoids from the original source material, and then are placed on the skin. This method is often used by individuals who cannot tolerate other methods of ingestion.


Dabbing is a relatively new form of marijuana consumption similar to BHO (Butane Hash Oil), except instead of using butane, a solvent such as water or carbon dioxide is used to extract THC-A and other cannabinoids from cannabis plants.