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Three ways to tell if the online lottery site is a scam or not

Online lottery can be very exciting especially when someone sends you an email or a text message that you won the jackpot prize of yesterday’s draw, however, it is a form of scam and a lot of people are getting victimized to this kind of crime.

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Unless the email was from the lottery agent or the online lottery themselves, it would be a piece of delightful news that comes to you, however, these people do not do that because there are certain processes that they do in order to find and notify the winning person who matched all the winning numbers. It is pretty easy to point out a fake online lottery scam because it usually mentions anything from winning a million dollars to Euros which are very good to be true.

Some scammers even resort to using plausible names in an attempt to sound real to their unknowing victims which they now even quote the names of people who are connected to such companies that operate online lottery which is very convincing if you do not know how to ask them questions that will uncover their bad deeds.

It is quite difficult in finding out a fake online lottery scam unless you got an email from one of these scammers despite not having to buy online lottery tickets in the first place, but if you are one of those who buy tickets every day and wait for the results of each draw, here are some useful tips in telling if an online lottery is a scam.

  • Has no reviews or it has tons of bad reviews- One of the telltale signs that you are about to purchase a ticket from an online lottery that is a scam or fake is the negative reviews it received online and it has become a notable site for everyone who is patronizing online lottery. If you read any negative review, or you failed to find one regardless of how much you researched the internet to get reviews. This is because that site does not exist at all which is why it does not have any reviews because it is taken down frequently by policing online lottery operators and authorities who tirelessly searching for fake sites.
  • Too good to be true prizes- They will lure you by sending you an email that your check (which is a counterfeit check) is already prepared, and all you need to do is to pay for the processing fee and some additional fees and registration so that you can claim your prize. Unfortunately, a lot of people fell into this trap because of their lack of awareness of fake online lottery sites.
  • Random emails- The victims are most likely have never entered the alleged lottery draw which is already a telltale sign that you are about to be scammed knowing that you have not placed a bet or purchased a lottery ticket online with your number combination and surprisingly someone randomly emailed you or called you that your advance fee for your winnings. The issued check which is definitely a counterfeit is worth more than the entire amount owed and instructed in paying taxes and fees before you receive the lump sum of the entire winnings from the online lottoland.