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The Right Sensor For Your HVAC System

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system has been widely used. The fact that the world has a normal climate change, HVAC systems becomes a necessity now. Although it is not required to have at home, still, you will be up to owning one. Now, it has a big difference when talking between exterior and interior air temperature. For exterior air temperature, you can never control nor stop anytime you want. Unlike in an interior air temperature that can be controlled using the HVAC system. The HVAC system uses air temperature sensors as the controller. TheĀ hvac sensors are usually simple and easy to install.

The design

The temperature sensors for the HVAC system have two-wire thermistors that moderate resistance with temperature. But, some sensors use infrared sensors. The infrared sensors detect heat from the home’s or vehicle’s occupants. It is a thermistor-type that usually has an aspirator tube. The aspirator tube pulls the air by the sensor once the blower fan runs.

Types of HVAC sensors

HVAC system uses different sensors to function. Here are the following sensors that are present in your HVAC system to work:

    • Duct smoke detectors. Ducts move toxic smoke, flames, and even gasses from one area to another. This kind of detector is used mainly to limit the HVAC system not to spread the smoke in a building. The detector might make use of a required regulation and the building codes to function. As an example, it can be installed in air conditioning units.
    • Gateway technology and sensors. Lots of people have their HVAC system as a legacy and still functioning. still, they benefit from the sensor technology though it is beyond the basic thermostat. They are still fixed not to replace the system since it is functioning well. Now, this is where gateway technology comes into the image. It fundamentally provides a bridge between any other IoT device and legacy equipment. It allows the customers to make use of sensors that are available when that basic system was installed.
    • Indoor air quality and sensors. Sensors that can measure the IAQ or indoor air quality turned out as a great importance today. The IAQ sensor detects carbon levels in the air, and this kind of sensor is also known as a carbon sensor.
    • Occupancy sensors. This type of sensor identifies the presence of a person inside a room. It helps enhance energy efficiency. It has two main types: ultrasonic and PIR.
    • Pressure sensors. It is used in boilers, heat recovery systems, compressors, variable air volume, burner control, and coolers system.

All these sensors can be used in the HVAC system according to its functions.