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All about proxy server

There are many tremendous advantages of using proxy servers. The main being it helps the user to have a verysecure and safe browsing experience. The major thing is it helps in protecting the personal information of the user since it stays anonymous. Along with this, it can save all the data related to the user’s earlier browsing history. This helps in having a great internet experience.

Even though these are the main reasons for which proxy server is being used, there are many other advantages of the free proxy server. Let’s look into some of the advantages of using a proxy server.

proxy browser

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The user always has experiences like he tries to get some information which is not accessible in his country. That information may be related to another country,and it is restricted for outsiders. Another example can be some social media sites which are banned. These are the things which can be done by using proxy servers. So, it is very helpful for companies to restrict the sites and information which must be viewed by its employees.


When a proxy is present in between user and server, it never showcases the user’s or client’s IP address to the server. So, it helps in avoiding the detection of the cookies and tracking of the user’s browser history. So, through this, there is no chance that the personal computer will get hacked by someone.

Performance of the internet:

Since the proxy server can save the earlier accessed content of the user, it provides bet browsing or internet performance. So, when next time user request for the same thing, there is no need to request the server, the proxy will find it in the local cache and provides the same to the user. So, this will help in saving a lot of time,andusersfeel improvements in internet performance.

Proxy for web developers:

Website developer always looks for websites which are quality driven. This is the reason he does all the necessary testing for quality assurance. Proxy helps them through providing previews of already created websites based on the regions. So, in case if the developed website is user-friendly, then there will be features like language,and hence it will be accessible to all the viewers.

These are the main reasons why proxy is in use,and it can bring a high level of security. Users can browse the entire internet without having to worry about security. So, the client can stay anonymously and hence there is no measure required against hacking as well.