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How to choose your lawyer to divorce? Practical advice

Your decision is made: you and your spouse will get divorced. As you get along well and do not want the divorce to go on forever, you want to opt for a mutual consent procedure.

Although the process of amicable divorce no longer takes place before the family court judge, each spouse must be accompanied by a lawyer.

tampa divorce lawyerDiscover our tips for choosing your lawyer, in the context of a divorce by mutual consent.

Since divorce by mutual consent is an amicable procedure, you may be wondering if it is necessary to hire a divorce lawyer. After all, you may be familiar with a very good business lawyer and you say that he can probably represent you during the divorce process.

For a contentious divorce, it is essential to be represented by a lawyer specializing in divorce. But the same is true in non-litigation divorce proceedings.

Indeed, although the procedure is simplified and without conflict, it is better to be accompanied by a lawyer who specializes in family law issues. Indeed, throughout the procedure, you will necessarily have questions to which a lawyer specializing in corporate law can not answer. To choose a divorce lawyer is to decide to be accompanied in the best conditions.

Also, the role of the lawyer is even more central in a divorce by mutual consent, the judge intervening only in rare cases. We strongly advise you to be accompanied by a divorce lawyer.

What are the character of a high-quality divorce lawyer?

The divorce lawyer tampa divorce lawyer who will represent you must have certain qualities:

 He must be competent in the law of divorce and the family. Thus, he can accompany you whatever the course of your divorce proceedings.

 He must know how to be attentive. If your lawyer does not ask you questions or answer your questions, we advise you to speak to a professional with better listening skills.

 He must explain the procedure and the terms relating to the divorce in a clear and precise manner. We are not all lawyers: lawyers must be at the level of their clients.

 He must quickly come back to you if you have any questions. A lawyer difficult to contact can not accompany you in good conditions. However, we must not forget that lawyers are very busy: it is normal to have to wait 48 hours to get a return.

 He must know how to be responsive: proactive, the lawyer must keep you informed of the progress of the divorce proceedings, even if you do not return to him.

If you find a lawyer with all these qualities, you will be guaranteed to be perfectly represented during the amicable divorce proceedings.