How does the Snoop Dogg G pen work?

The Snoop Dogg G Pen is the latest edition of herbal vaping device. Generally, other devices used the liquid form flavours and oil, mixed with nicotine to vape. But Snoop Dogg pen is created for dry herbs. It is a portable device that one can carry with him anywhere. If you search on the internet about Snoop Dogg G Pen review, you will find it is one of the best herbal vaping devices that you should choose. Its external body is made from steel metal that also includes a glass sleeve and an atomizing tank where all the dry herbs are filled. This device has good durability and is generally used for at least six to seven months. It is an exclusive product developed for dry herbs combustion. Like other vaping devices it also gives you a joy of e-cigarette. It calms your smoking addiction. Generally, people take marijuana and nicotine in it. It is becoming very much popular among youths these days. They added it as their style icon. This vaping device has three major parts:

  • A portable battery
  • Atomizing chamber
  • Atomizer and
  • Mouthpiece

How does the Snoop Dogg G pen work?

A portable Lithium battery is used to transfer the heat source which is rechargeable by using a USB 2.0 input charger. An atomizing chamber means a heating compartment where the dry herbs are placed which is heated by an atomizer or a heating element. The mouthpiece is also an important part of G pen which is used to inhale herbs by the user. It is covered with a steel filter that stops the herbs t come outside from the heating chamber. When you inhale a herb from the mouthpiece the spring keeps herbs place inside the heating chamber. Turning ON and OFF to this device is done after pressing the button five or six-time quickly. This is one of the safety features of a vaping pen that prevents your device from accidental vaporizer when put in a pocket or anywhere. It has also another feature of saving a lot of battery life. Always remember when you are filling the heating tank with dry herbs it must be turned off.

Vaporizing is done through G pen by clicking the button five to six times continuously. How much you need to build draws press and hold the button continuously and place the mouthpiece in the mouth. When you feel that herbs are burnt like popcorn then you have to refill it. the same process will be repeated again and again while using.