What To Know When Playing Online Football

When you start playing online football, it’s essential to know what to expect. Playing online is an entirely different experience than playing offline, and the rules are also vastly different. This can lead to some initial confusion, but once you’ve grasped the basics of understanding what’s going on, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how things work at home and away from home. For more details go to


If you’re still unsure about what or who your opponent is during an online game, check out our guide on identifying random players (AKA computer bots). In this guide, we cover everything from identifying actual human opponents versus fake humans to which teams are included in the game. Of course, there’s probably, even more to know than that, but this is a good start.


Online football can be frustrating, not just because you’re playing against a computer. There are problems with the way the system works, including but not limited to:


Your opponent can pause the game whenever they want.


You can’t see your opponent’s formation or substitutes.

The matchmaking is off for this game, as you’ll frequently see high-ranked teams being matched up with low-ranked teams. This makes online play somewhat unbalanced and can be a tool that unscrupulous players use against you to win at all costs (since it’s so hard to know if your opponent is human or fake).


Because online football is so frustrating, it’s not uncommon to see people who are angrily trying to get their money back. Here are some tips for when this happens:


Make sure you’re following the instructions for installation and connection. There can be a lot of technical issues with FIFA 18 when playing online, so make sure you’ve set everything up correctly as directed. If you’re still experiencing problems, try restarting your system or making sure there aren’t any other apps running that might interfere with play. Check out the system requirements before buying and make sure your computer meets them or will shortly (some games are more demanding than others). Don’t bother trying to hide and complain about things; that’s what the customer support department is for.


To avoid future issues, buy the game from a retail location (not online) so that you can check it out before buying. You’ll have a hard time getting money back from Steam or Origin (or other digital distribution platforms) because those shops work the same way most online retailers work with Amazon and eBay, for example.


Playing online allows you to get thousands of dollars worth of packs. While that seems easy to make money, it’s not a great idea because there’s no way to know if your opponent is real or fake (cheating) until it’s too late. You can only play the game against people who are playing the game, and there’s no way around that without connecting it in some other way or creating a workaround yourself. It is possible to report players for cheating, but we don’t recommend doing so because you can get banned when you’re not involved in the cheating process.