centrophenoxine brain damage

The Nootropics A Helping Hand

Have you watched the movie, “limitless”? It is a story of a guy who took a pill and became a genius, with the pill opening up his brain power to its full potential. Well, the movie, of course, is dramatic but in reality, “smart” pills are in existence. Nootropics are the name that was given in this area of science. The science of brain food and enhancers. The first known nootropic drug made its appearance in the  1960’s. This was actually as a method to help people combat motion sickness. After that, there were further tests on a drug to help improve memory. The term nootropics were created after this incident. As the studies gained momentum well into the 21st century, people began to realize how useful and safer nootropics are. Because of this, nootropic products are quickly gaining popularity among students and professionals alike. This takes us to centrophenoxine choline today.

centrophenoxine brain damage

Centrophenoxine is one of the oldest nootropics that have been studied today. It was in a way there since the beginning of this field. It is a combination of DMAE a naturally occurring compound in the brain and is structurally similar to choline, a much-needed component that directly affects our brain in positive ways. The meclofenoxate dosage compound helps us in these ways based on extensive research and studies. It helps us with Neuroprotection, it helps eliminate lipofuscin and free radicals from brain cells. Incidentally, Lipofuscin is a waste product that builds up in cells as we age. Brain cells are not immune to this. This is the same waste product that causes brown liver spots on our skin.  Furthermore, this drug improves the functionality of our Neurotransmitters by simulating cholinergic receptors that promote the synthesis of ACh in your brain. IT influences our brain to have a more regular sleep pattern, improving our mood. It increases Glucose uptake and increases blood flow into the brain. Such are the effects of Centrophenoxine that it has been approved as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, this has been done in several countries albeit outside of the US.

The centrophenoxine brain damage benefits do not stop there actually,  DMAE actively helped those with certain injuries or brain trauma. Not only that it is also widely considered as a powerful antioxidant which explains its popularity with nootropic users. This is seen as not only beneficial in the short term, but reduce brain aging and increase overall cognitive health in the longer term. A study on rat brains using this compound showed that it increased choline levels. It is theorized that this does that by increasing or freeing up phospholipids. It has been observed to also protect neurons from oxidative stress by boosting antioxidant defenses. This was clinically proven when studies were concluded in rats with varying stages of brain injury – with the results showing improved cognitive functions and movement. Also in a study of about 60 elderly subjects, it improved memory in patients with dementia. In the world of nootropics, this compound is an indispensable and most importantly safe to use. Has absolutely amazing benefits when taken responsibly, and very affordable. It is also readily available online and in your local store.