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Here we are, at home during a pandemic, working from home and not able to go anywhere. Can you imagine those times when we were actually able to travel to several places without any worry in the world? It was certainly beautiful. Now, as things are getting normal, many people are coming forward and are creating travel plans to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The past year has definitely been harsh on every individual and what better way to compensate for that than a perfect getaway plan? Now, when you are looking for a hotel to stay in, look no further than The Inn at River Walk that provides amazing beaver creek accommodation.

The hotel is just in the best location that a person can expect it to be. The hotel allows the people to have a great experience at the Vail valley just like a local. It is in this business for more than 20 years and they have been providing extraordinary services and amenities all these years. They have also upgraded their hotel to have a trendy, authentic, and new look. The hotel is located in a village that is surrounded by amazing scenic views, and world-class trials that the guests can just take an evening walk.

weekly rental hotel rooms

Amenities provided:

The Inn at River Walk is definitely a place where everyone would like to stay for a long time. They have extremely beautiful surrounding that has mountains and those who opt for this beaver creek accommodation will surely not be disappointed at all. The hotel also has several varieties of local shops, restaurants, and mountains nearby that can be enjoyed in the evening time.

People can book directly through their website or by contacting them. The hotel provides the best pricing for the rooms with an amazing view so that people are satisfied with their stay. The clients are also given different choices of benefits according to their preference and give out priority check-in facilities. They do not charge any reservation fee which will be a huge benefit to the people.

Along with these, the clients who book the hotel will be offered reward points that they can use on their next visit. For any kind of weekend getaway, family get-together, or fun time with friends, people can definitely book hotel rooms at this beautifully serene hotel. For additional information, just take a look at their website that has got every detail on how to book hotel rooms and how to use the amenities provided to all the guests.