Schedule Your Meeting Today With The Best Virtual Conference Platform

You may receive the best ultimate services from EventX if you want to arrange a conference online or a course session.EventX is a popular virtual conference platform that allows you to jump right into the digital world’s spectacular experience.

You no longer have to be concerned about buffering issues. Through this online gateway, you may continue to provide important content, conferences, webinars, and information.

Benefits of scheduling virtual conference on EventX

  1. Global stability

In mainland China, robust and reliable for virtual and hybrid event support, with faster and more stable capabilities than Zoom or Hopin.

  1. Meaningful connections

To connect with viewers and form genuine relationships, create an interactive social lounge. Use our automatic landing page, calendar integration, and auto-reminders to save time.

  1. Cost-effective

Using breakrooms, live chat, surveys, Q&A, and extensive post-event reports to convert attendance to leads, in-built live streaming supports a high-resolution experience. This all can be used to engage students and parents. The most engaging point in the sessions can be determined using post-class analytics.

  1. Customizable

Your Virtual Lobby’s settings can be changed as needed. Colors, photos, text, and buttons can all be customized to meet your specific requirements. A lobby in a virtual conference platform is an excellent area to highlight your event’s sponsors and participants. Logos and messaging can be added to banners!

  1. User friendly

The delegates are simple to use and dependable. This group has been able to adapt to changing times while also assisting event organizers in doing so.


Through this portal, you can get the ideal virtual platform experience, which gives you satisfying outcomes and high-quality conferencing.