My child is a slow learner: Tips for parents

Does your child receive many complaints about being too slowing, in reading, writing or comprehending the lessons at school? In that case, your child may be a slow learner. But there is such as a thing as clinically slow-learner, where a doctor diagnoses a child with lower IQ than the normal, which creates a lot of challenges with regards to learning.

What should guardians do?

The initial step to help a slow learner student is to acknowledge the kid with their inadequacies and accept them for it. However, one should take note that being a clinically slow learner is not a medical condition that needs special care. Consequently, it doesn’t generally require a specialized curriculum. Be that as it may, it does require extraordinary consideration and care with huge tolerance, support, full trust, and confidence in the kid’s progress.

The following portion will be of the straightforward advises that guardians can take to help a slow learner:

Welcome the Efforts that the child is already showing.

It is very normal that a slow student can’t do their objectives or have scheduled activities because of many diversions to their attention. As a parent, it is critical never to push your kid to accomplish anything that is too much for his/her capacities. Valuing the child for each little achievement, would slowly build their self-esteem and show a reliable change in his or her achievements. The parent should also note that they are trying hard, and not tell them that it’s just because they are lazy and easily distracted.

Broadened Time Limits

Looking for the abilities that your child can do, you should help them complete a task, of course with an extended time limit, and this will make sure that feel appreciated, and wanted. Just the time you would be investing in helping them will boost their interest in trying to learn the subject. But also be sure not to underestimate your child and give him too much time that they feel burdened.

Recognize  your kid’s interests

Kids with slow learning capacities effortlessly get preoccupied with various distractions. Recognizing the exercises that the child likes and spurring them to participate in such exercises at home or school would incredibly enhance their learning abilities.

Make a learning chart

Creating an outline that sets the time for different everyday exercises would give the kid an awareness of other’s expectations and inclusion while empowering him/her to finish the assignments on time. As said earlier, this would make them responsible enough to look for themselves and slowly build their confidence.

Other ways would be talking to their teacher and ask for their progress in school, informing the teacher that your child is having a difficulty with learning, and asking the school for ways they could help. Another thing would be using a platform that would track down your child’s learning progress like Saps ibu bapa.