Nail Polished With Gels

Get Your Nail Polished With Gels

To have a manicure make you feel pampered. You are rewarding yourself by giving a good and pleasant look nails. Most girls apply nail polish on their nails. The nail polish comes in different colors and designs. Yes, it comes in different colors like around 200 and so as with designs. As you can see, there are glittered nail polishes available. It also comes in different colors with tiny stars, hearts, circles, diamonds and more. These shapes are seen or mixed on the nail polish to give a unique look of nails when applied. Now, are these nail polishes in high-quality? To check on the quality of the nail polish is very important as the beauty it can give on the nail. Why? It is because there are nail polishes that can make your nails pretty while keeping it undamaged.

Long-lasting and nice-looking nail gels

Colores de gel is on trend today because of high-quality, long-lasting, and keep nails undamaged. Indeed, lots of nail polishes today can make the nails nice-looking. Yet, it can damage the nails, especially when it is on the nail for a long period. So, it is not advised to have the kind of nail polish that gradually damaging the nail. Instead of making the nails look presentable, it ends up getting damage. What is the reason why you want a manicure? Is it because you only wanted to make your fingers and toes look pleasant? Of course not! You also want to keep the nails safe from getting damage like easily get cracked. Gels are very safe to use.

nice-looking nail gels

The gel manicure

The gel manicure is on trend today. It is a gel polish manicure that used soak off gel. It acts and looks like nail polish, but it is technically a gel. How to apply it? Follow the simple steps:

  • Apply a base coat, second coat and as a finish, apply the topcoat.
  • Each coat or layer of polish must be dried with the use of the LED or UV lamp.
  • After all the coats are dried, it will be wiped off by rubbing alcohol.
  • After the topcoat is dried up after wiping off the inhibition layer, it will no longer smudge or dent.

A gel polish manicure can make the nail look shiny and pleasing nails. The gel will last for 2 weeks. So, you will be confident that these gels are long-lasting and worthy-the-spend. Pick the color of gel you wanted to have in your nails and be confident wearing it.