Divorce Singapore Child Custody Has A Great Influence On The Children

Divorce Singapore Child Custody Has A Great Influence On The Children

Divorce is the separation of two people after marriage. Divorce is also known as the dissolution of marriage. It is a process of terminating the marriage by lawyers. A couple can take a split at any point in their marriage. They can separate after two years of their marriage or after ten years of their marriage. In a divorce, the children have to suffer the most. If the child is above 18, they get to select their parents. But if the child is below 18, the judge decides their custody. The divorceĀ  Singapore child custody is a necessary decision taken by the judges.

Child Custody Law:

Child custody law is a legal term that considers the guardianship of a person. After the divorce, the mother or the father gets this opportunity to become the guardian. Child custody has various types like sole custody, joint physical custody, bird’s nest custody, split custody, third party custody, and so on. The parent who has custody of their child has to take care of their child and keep them in proper attention and protection. The relationship between the parents is essential for their children. The separation of their parents has a vast influence on the child and is on the wrong side.

Divorce Singapore child custody has the most numerous responsibility of the parent. They have to raise a child all on their own. The child also feels the need for both parents. Sometimes a divorce has a disproportionate effect on children.