Discover more about Invisalign® in Jacksonville

The orthodontic treatment known as Invisalign straightens teeth without using metal braces. Invisalign is a set of clear, custom-made braces that gradually move your teeth into the correct position. They are less noticeable than traditional metal braces because they are clear and removable. Through this article, you will learn more about Invisalign® in Jacksonville.

How to make your teeth beautiful?

The vast majority need to work on their grin; however, imagine that customary metal supports are the leading choice. During treatment, there are no metal brackets or wires with Invisalign clear braces to distract from your smile. Your teeth can be perfectly aligned, comfortable, and beautiful in half the time it would take with traditional braces with Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign is a solution that works and is discreet whether you are an adult who has put off treatment for years or a parent considering orthodontic treatment for their teenager.

What is BPA-free plastic?

The BPA-free plastic of Invisalign clear aligners makes them significantly more comfortable than conventional metal braces. You can achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with the help of these custom-made, clear aligners. You will have a consultation with us to discuss your smile goals and what to expect from your treatment before you get Invisalign clear aligners.

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How to wear an Invisalign?

Adults, as well as teenagers, can wear Invisalign. In addition to treating overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and overcrowded teeth, these clear braces are also used to close gaps between teeth. We can determine if Invisalign is the proper orthodontic treatment for you after examining and taking x-rays of your teeth.

They’ll use the examination, x-rays, and a 3D model of your teeth to create a custom treatment plan if Invisalign is right for you.

How much do your teeth need to shift?

 And how long it will take to get them in the correct position is determined by the treatment plan. The pictures, 3D models, and x-rays of your teeth are sent to the Invisalign laboratory, where they are made into your aligners. You will also see how Invisalign will gradually address your orthodontic issues thanks to the 3D model of your teeth.


Invisalign is simple to wear and works well with your daily routine. When you accept your aligners, you will put unmistakable supports over your teeth. After two weeks of wearing each set of aligners, you will switch to the next set. Because they are made to move your teeth precisely and gently, your aligners will initially fit tightly. Your teeth will gradually shift into a new position after a few days.

After some time, you will notice that your aligners feel a little loose. Wait to switch them out, even if they start to feel loose. Wear them for the whole fourteen days. Your gums and teeth will have time to adjust to the new position. If you switch aligners too soon, your treatment plan will be disrupted.