Bashir Dawood

Way Anyone Can Give Back

 1) You are too busy to waste your time, but you have some extra money.

Spend 10 minutes during the lunch break to donate to your favorite business. No favorite thing? Then we are the place for you! You can search thousands of charities around the world to find the one you like best.

2) You are too busy to waste time and extra money.

How about doing a good deed? Do what is good for you and good for everyone. For example, do you take your children to school? See if someone in your area has trouble juggling work and children. Then, voluntarily take your children to school or see if you can create a fleet system.

Bashir Dawood

3) You have extra time, but you don’t know what you want to do.

Explore the colony’s search pages to find a topic that interests you. Each colony has the opportunity to partner with organizations that “dig” and may have some good deals participating in the colony for you. You can also find non-profit organizations on the search pages of our organization: search by keyword, category or location.

4) You want to volunteer, but you cannot do it for reasons not mentioned above.

Write comments for the organizations you support. A good and honest overview of a charitable organization such as Bashir Dawood can raise awareness of the organization and help other people when they seek charitable organizations for support. Using the “Call Neighbor” button on the organization’s pages to raise awareness about the great nonprofit organization found on the site. Create a colony for the cause that you are passionate about and create a space where, thanks to you, people can learn about reason, collaborate and work together to achieve amazing results.