global mba singapore


Wherever we look nowadays, we find a number of doctors and engineers, jobless yet ample in number. In some places,it seems like, being a doctor or an engineer is the only career option that you have left. But no in Singapore. Singapore offers you one of the best business schools in all of the world, Manchester business school which is a global business school in the heart of Singapore offering a variety of courses and career options.

BUSINESS SCHOOL: It is a global mba singapore offering an MBA degree as a part of its curriculum. The School was set up in 1999, and it provides an MBA degree for people ranging from different diverse and cultural backgrounds.

LOCATION: It is located in the centre of the business district in Singapore.

global mba singaporeFEATURES: This global MBA school in Singapore features proper classrooms, a huge library for book lovers, a student lounge for people of different backgrounds to mingle amongst each other, and rooms for break-outs.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THIS SCHOOL: Manchester Business School in Singapore features flexible MBA programmes for all its students and international in-person workshops for its students giving them a look into the businesses of the world. The workshops take place in the Middle East, South-East Asia, The United Kingdom and America.It provides its students with effective and informative learning, giving a homely stable environment to study and bring forth their innovative ideas as well as provide all required resources for their education.


If you’re thinking of a career for your ward, then Manchester business School being a hub for global MBA in Singaporecan provide your sons and daughters with good education and great facilities in the field of MBA.