Local Handyman InPearland, TX: And The Stigma Around It.

Handyman jobs are essentially repair or maintenance work typically around a home which may be exterior or interior in nature. Some examples may include, fixing a leaky faucet around the kitchen, or changing a light socket in a room, or fixing loose screws on the dinner table. Though there is a stigma around the word “handyman”, “do-it-yourself” and homeowners are also included in the broad umbrella that is handyman. A handyman offers a general variety of services as opposed to a specialist plumber, electrician or carpenter.

Two types of people:

  1. People who call a guy: These are the category of people who hire an external handyman to fix and repair things around the house.
  2. People who fix it themselves: These are the category of “do-it-yourselfers” who tend to fix and repair things around them by themselves. These people believe that there is a thrill in fixing things themselves, and the completion of such tasks offers a sense of completion and reward to them.

Range of jobs: As mentioned earlier, local handyman in Pearland, TX is experienced in a variety of skills and trades. The jobs which a handyman can undertake ranges from painting and fixing a wall to repairing and changing the fuses in the electrical circuit of the house. Other common jobs may include, retiling of the house, fixing and repairing furniture around the house, sound-proofing, baby-proofing and more.

Due to the stigma around the house, on a general level, the handyman job is underpaid. However, if we move to a more professional or an industrial level, the skill of the handyman is paid and the experience of the handyman comes into the picture.

De-stigmatisation: In popular culture and in the recent past, there has been an effort to reduce the stigma which surrounds handyman jobs. For children, Bob the Builder, a cartoon series was launched where a single builder would go around doing basic jobs for people in the city. Home Improvement was another such series based for older audiences which was aired in the United States.