Information about wooden trophies

Wood is a frequent material used in trophy designs. So if the trophy or shield itself isn’t really made of wood, many prizes have hardwood bases. Whenever it comes to the idea of timber trophies, hardwood shields are perhaps the most common form, although wood may be carved into practically any desirable silhouette. trophy manufacturers make it highly visually pleasing and it is also a stylish and attractive presentation on your mantel; they are a popular suggestion at Trophies & Sculptors.


Wooden trophies are typically relatively economical and provide excellent value for your wealth. You can find a wide range of demands and finances! If you want a high-quality trophy and have low funds, wooden awards ought to be a possibility!



It is quite simple to care for a hardwood trophy. It, just like every other item made of wood furniture in the room, must be cleaned with a wood varnish on a constant schedule to retain its luster. A wooden trophy must preferably be stored away from wet areas, such as the toilet, and bright sunlight. A transparent cabinet would indeed be perfect for displaying your prize; however a shelf or closet can suffice!


Wooden trophies are extremely strong and long-lasting. Unlike glass awards, they must not splinter or break if dropped accidentally. Wooden trophies are fairly heavy and should not be blown over or dropped over readily. They are also incredibly enjoyable to grip due to their weight!

 Environmentally friendly

Because wood is a natural material that could be readily renewed in ecology, wooden trophies are among your most ecologically responsible solutions. If you ever decide to somehow get away from your hardwood trophy, it is quite simple to recycle because wood is totally able to decompose. With the recent emphasis on environmental awareness, wooden awards are an excellent choice!

Hope now you understand why the wooden trophies are the best option for awards. In case you are exploring some new options of creating trophies for your employees then this would be the best option. You can engrave your brand logos and also the winner’s name on them.