How to dress if you are a thin man

Fatal mistakes when dressing for different occasions

In fashion, as in life, there are basic rules of survival. Just as we cannot speak on the cell phone when we are in the church, we cannot attend certain events with inappropriate clothing.Read this article to know about dressing mistakes for different occasions. Click here for em 7.

Low-cut and colorful clothes for a job interview

Fatal error! If the interviewer is a man, be sure that he will not pay attention to what you say but to the neckline of your blouse; and if she is a woman, she will not concentrate on your answers either thinking: “that blouse is very beautiful, although very colorful for an interview, where she will have bought it”.

So that this does not happen to you, keep in mind that the job interviews come with neutral and formal clothes.

You can keep your style but considering that the seriousness of the occasion merits sobriety in your clothes. Visit this site for กางเกงholdem.

Heels for country restaurant or for the University

The high shoes are beautiful and perfect to go to a disco, to work or to an elegant restaurant, but to go with 12 cm heels to see microeconomics class or to go to a restaurant on the outskirts of the city with a green area, is a bad idea.

Wear warm earth clothes in cold weather

Fatal error! Although the social situation is more difficult for some people than for others, try not to wear clothes from one climate that corresponds to another.

How many of us have seen some “coastal” in sandals, short skirt and without a jacket in the most tremendous cold? They may be newcomers and do not have appropriate clothing for the weather, but for their sake, not only aesthetic but health, it is best to warm up.