Decorate Home With All Luxuries, How To Remove A Bolted Down Safe?

Our house is our safest place, so we keep all important, expensive jewelry, gold or silver coins, and important documents in the house. We invest money in our house. We spent a lot of money on our house interior. We use good quality paint. We use good quality curtains that match everything. We try to decorate it with all the luxuries of life. We try to do everything we can to make the house beautiful whether we use imported items or local brands products. Many people face problems with how to remove a bolted down safe.

Whether it is our house or office, safety is important for every place, place, and place. For doing it, we don’t think about we spent more money. Even some people spent their money like water they want only a beautiful home for themselves, so they don’t think about money. Below will be mentioned how you can easily do it, but you will require some items for this.

How to remove a bolted-down safe

It is very easy to remove down safe.Now you won’t face any problem regarding this because the below-mentioned techniques are so easy that you can do it independently without any help.

Material Required

  • Drill
  • Phillip head screwdriver
  • Regular screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Vice grips


Moving a secure box requires the ability to cut the lock without destroying the contents inside. Depending on where you placed the device, it may require different strategies to extract it. Your storage unit will most often be on the floor, underneath furniture, or on the concrete. Here’s what you can do to remove it away.

Using the techniques mentioned above, you will never face a problem on how to remove a bolted down safe. Here, you get a very effortless method without any hassle.